“An alternative holistic care method with multiple actions that relieves the skin naturally and with excellent results” This is the philosophy behind the creation of the new HOLISTIC CREAMS series, exclusively designed by FREZYDERM to cover every need of your skin.

Four unique creams based on the action of 4 traditional plants, encapsulate the active ingredient, “FD Symbiosis Complex”, and compose the absolute innovation in the care of a holistic approach since they:

- Maintain normal skin flora.
- Protect the cutaneous microbe to support the immune mechanism of the skin in external "attacks"
- Strengthen the skin barrier by protecting the skin from environmental stress, discomfort, intolerance, dryness.
- Assist the skin detoxification mechanisms.

- A carefully selected mixture of organic oil, organic tincture and organic extract is utilized in the most effective way possible, to reach its maximum potential and offer its advantages in your skin care services: Specialized active ingredients that aim for skin homeostasis and offer:

- Anti-irritant action
- Reconstruction & Hydration
- Skin protection
- Assistance in antioxidant skin mechanisms


  As they contain no anti-homeopathic ingredients (such as peppermint, menthol derivatives, etc.), HOLISTIC CREAMS creams are also suitable for homeopathic treatments. They contain no perfume, color, parabens and are silicon and EO free.


Cream for the face and body that aims to restore the disturbed flora of the skin, reduces irritation and enhances skin defense.


Cream for face and body that relieves, moisturizes, soothes and helps balancing disorders of the skin flora.


Cream for the face and body that reduces irritation and contributes to the reconstruction of the epidermis.


Cream for the face and body that relieves after injuries & muscle strain.